Gaile's Driving SchoolAbout me
Hello, my name is Gaile. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I’m a highly experienced; Grade A, Government Approved Driving Instructor so if you decide to choose me to teach you to drive, you can assured you will be in safe hands.

The reason I decided to become a driving instructor was because several of my close friends and family suggested I should consider teaching as a career. They said I had a talent for explaining complex things simply and clearly and I had a lot of patience. In addition they said I was a good listener in an engaging and interesting way. They wondered why I had never considered a career in teaching as to them it seemed to be a perfect match for my personality. This made me think about what I could teach. Since I loved taking drives to the country side and I enjoy classic car rally’s, I put two and two together and teaching people to drive seemed like the perfect way to change careers while finding something I was good at and enjoyed doing.

I worked for many years as a Personal Assistant with professional companies in London and Kent before making my mind up to start my LDC driving school. This office background has also helped me with my friendly but professional approach to my customers.

In addition to loving all things about driving and classic cars, I love swimming, dancing, charity walks, cycling, cooking & music. I enjoy experimenting with healthy tasty food and take full advantage of the world cuisine on cooking programs. I am a collector for cookery books which has allowed me to offer great delights at the table to share with my family and friends. I love a healthy lifestyle and enjoy walking for organized charity walks.


As stated before, thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. You can reach me on email or by phone.

Call today on 07478 654292 or Email me to find out more

If you have any questions or to book lessons today, feel free to contact me